The Performers

There’s no Las Locas Comedy without our LOCAS! Please continue to support our comics as they perform across the USA.

We’ll see you at the next show!

June 2019 Show: Jazmyn Ortega, Stephanie Weber, Chrissi Rose, Casey Larwood,  Janice V. Rodriguez hosted by Jess Martinez 

May 2019 Show: Be Casper. Hilary Jimenez, Naz Nazim, Sonal Aggarwal, Carly Kane, Alex Kumin hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez

April 2019 Show: Lucy Martinez, Jess Martinez, Jamie Shriner Biddle, Marci Deloney, Jari Baez hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez

March 2019 Show: Asha Ward, Daniella Mazzio, Lily Schulder, Danii Gallegos, & Audrey Jonas, hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez & Jess Martinez

February 2019 Show: Tanya Hollywood, Emily Ogle, Lily Be, Carly Ballerini, Gwen LaRoka, hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez & Jess Martinez

January 2019 Show (Steppenwolf): Jess Martinez, Sonal Aggarwal, Melissa Duprey, Soli Santos, Ratas de dos Patas, hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez

December 2018 Show: Sandy Lee, Carla Cook, Yazmin Ramos, Malic White, Jess Martinez, Deanna Ortiz, hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez

October 2018 Show: Estephany Guzman, Tribble Tribble, Melissa DuPrey, Jesnaira Baez, Kimberly Marion, hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez

September 2018 Show: Sabeen Sadiq, Jess Martinez, Jazmyn Ortega, Eunji Kim, Janice V. Rodriguez, Stephanie Weber, hosted by Sonal Aggarwal

August 2018  Show: Monica Andrade, Rima Parikh, Elise Fernandez, Susie An, Whitney Chitwood, Kellye Howard, hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez

June-July 2018 Show: Summer Break

May 2018 Show: Private event

April 2018  Show: Jess Martinez, Adrienne Brandyburg, Chrissi Hartigan, Jessica Besser- Rosenberg, hosted by Soli Santos & Janice V. Rodriguez

March 2018 Show: Private event

February 2018 Anniversary Show: Audrey Jonas, Lily Be, Kelsie Huff, Deanna Ortiz, hosted by Soli Santos & Janice V. Rodriguez

December 2017 Show:  Estephany Guzman, Antonia Arcely, Soli Santos, Angela Vela, Alex Kumin, hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez

November 2017 Show: Ines Bellina, Maria Konopken, Jessica Hong, Jari Baez, Janice V. Rodriguez, hosted by Soli Santos

October 2017 Show : The South Side Show at The Revivial 10/14/17: Jillian Ebanks,  Marilee, Gwen La Roka, Erica Nicole Clark,  Soli Santos, and hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez

Las Locas Comedy Locas4Life Florida Tour

Thursday 09/28/17: Las Locas Comedy Show !Que Chistosas!
A fundraiser for Redefiners
Featuring: Janice V. Rodriguez, Natasha Samreny & Soli Santos

Thursday 09/28/17: Las Locas Comedy Show at Coppertail Brewing Co
Coppertail Brewing Co. – Tampa, FL
Hosted by Natasha Samreny. Featuring Janice V. Rodriguez, Steve Miller, Soli Santos, Aniria Medrano Turney & Amy Colon

Friday 09/29/17: Las Locas Comedy in St. Augustine! 
Jackie Knight’s Comedy Club – Saint Augustine, FL
Featuring Janice V. Rodriguez, Amy Colon, Natasha Samreny & Soli Santos

Saturday 09/30/17: Las Locas Comedy & FST Present: Crash!
Florida Studio Theatre -Sarasota, FL
Hosted by Will Luera. Featuring Soli Santos, Natasha Samreny, Janice V. Rodriguez & Amy Colon.

Sunday 10/01/17: Las Locas Comedy in Orlando!
Stardust Video & Coffee – Orlando, FL
Hosted by Jeff Rembert & Natasha Samreny. Featuring Soli Santos, Shereen Kassam, Heather Shaw & Janice V. Rodriguez.

September Show 9/09/17: Emily Sepulveda , Audrey Jonas,  Soli Santos, Janice V. Rodriguez, Maya May, Deanna Ortiz, and hosted by Gwen La Roka

August Show 8/12/17: Tiera Diaz, Courtney Buckwalter, Brittany Meyer, Janice V. Rodriguez, Elizabeth Gomez,  Marilee  and hosted by Soli Santos


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