The Performers

Check out these loca clips from previous showcases. This is just a taste of what you will see at a Las Locas Comedy show!

We'll see you at the next show!

10.14.SouthSide Show Group Photo

Las Locas Comedy Locas4Life Florida Tour

Thursday 09/28/17: Las Locas Comedy Show !Que Chistosas!
A fundraiser for Redefiners
Featuring: Janice V. Rodriguez, Natasha Samreny & Soli Santos

Thursday 09/28/17: Las Locas Comedy Show at Coppertail Brewing Co
Coppertail Brewing Co. - Tampa, FL
Hosted by Natasha Samreny. Featuring Janice V. Rodriguez, Steve Miller, Soli Santos, Aniria Medrano Turney & Amy Colon

Friday 09/29/17: Las Locas Comedy in St. Augustine! 
Jackie Knight’s Comedy Club - Saint Augustine, FL
Featuring Janice V. Rodriguez, Amy Colon, Natasha Samreny & Soli Santos

Saturday 09/30/17: Las Locas Comedy & FST Present: Crash!
Florida Studio Theatre -Sarasota, FL
Hosted by Will Luera. Featuring Soli Santos, Natasha Samreny, Janice V. Rodriguez & Amy Colon.

Sunday 10/01/17: Las Locas Comedy in Orlando!
Stardust Video & Coffee - Orlando, FL
Hosted by Jeff Rembert & Natasha Samreny. Featuring Soli Santos, Shereen Kassam, Heather Shaw & Janice V. Rodriguez.

September Show 9/09/17: Emily Sepulveda , Audrey Jonas,  Soli Santos, Janice V. Rodriguez, Maya May, Deanna Ortiz, and hosted by Gwen La Roka

August Show 8/12/17: Tiera Diaz, Courtney Buckwalter, Brittany Meyer, Janice V. Rodriguez, Elizabeth Gomez,  Marilee  and hosted by Soli Santos

 Earlier in 2017

June Show 6/10/17: Angelica Davila, Brittany Meyer, Melissa DuPrey, Soli Santos, Amy Colon and hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez

May Show 5/20/17: Edith Lule, Dina Nina Martinez, Le Aboav, Janice V. Rodriguez, Anna Lucero and hosted by Soli Santos

April Show 4/15/17: Marsella Lopez, Lily Be, Sonal Aggarwal, Soli Santos, Deanna Ortiz, and hosted by Janice V. Rodriguez

March Show 3/18/17: Alma Yarilis, Jari Baez, Soli Santos, Amy Sumpter, Janice V. Rodriguez, & Stephanie Weber

Debut Show 2/17/17: Elizabeth Gomez, Audrey Jonas, Janice V. Rodriguez, Elyse Nylin, Britt Manning, Soli Santos & Gwen LaRoka