Las Locas Comedy is a Chicago comedy showcase that highlights Latina/Latinx comedic talent and honorary ‘locas’ per show. In this crazy political climate, we wanted to create a platform to discuss issues and challenges facing Latinas, women of color, and the LGBTQIA community in a thought-provoking (and hilarious!) way.

The original conversation:

We celebrate diversity and inclusion and aim to create a space where our performers can share their amazing talent with an open-minded and accepting audience. Come see what Las Locas Comedy is about!

“Wouldn’t it be really cool if there was a showcase that really focused on Latina talent?”

“Yeah, that would be. We should do that. But we should also include our favorite locas whatever ethnicity or background.” 

“Ok. Let’s do it.”

Three months into our run, we were selected as “Must-See” and “Recommended” by Red Eye and the Chicago Reader.

Chingona Comedy Hour
Thursday 3/07/24
Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now

Chingona Comedy Hour March 2024 Group Image

CALLING ALL CHINGONAS!! Every month, Las Locas Comedy celebrate all the badass women in our lives with a hot night of all-loca comedy. Bring your locas out for a night of jajajas. Join us for a hilarious night of comedy featuring the top Latina/x and honorary loca comedians from across Chicagoland and the USA. Early bird tickets on sale through midnight Sunday, February 25th, 2024. Get your tickets ahora!

Get your tickets in advance! All sales must be made online. Follow us on social media for a special code and save un poco dinero! 18+ and two item minimum at venue.

Sabado Night Laughs
Saturday 3/16/24
Surge Billiards Logan Square

SABADO NIGHT LAUGHS IS BACK!! Every 3rd Saturday of the month, Las Locas Comedy and Pa Fuera Productions bring a noche of comedy  to The Pocket at Surge Billiards in Logan Square. Bring the locos/as out for a night of jajajas.

We have the mas loca comedians – and one honorary loco – in Chicagoland performing on the March 16th, 2024 showcase. Get your tickets ahora!

Get your tickets in advance! All sales must be made online. Follow us on social media for a special code and save un poco dinero! Venue is 21+ and has a two item minimum. Full menu and bar available.

Teachers Gone Bad
Monday 3/25/24
Spring Break Matinee Show
Laugh Factory

Teachers Gone Bad March 2024 Chicago Spring Break Comedian Group Image

Teachers Gone Bad is a Mind Twist Comedy Production that is geared towards the “open-minded” teaching community. Mind Twist Comedy works with a pool of educators across the country who moonlight as comedians or who perform comedy full-time (and not only in the classroom!). The show is definitely not kid-friendly and if you get easily offended – this show is probably not for you!

Teachers Gone Bad is coming back to Chicago for a spring break showcase on Monday, March 25th at 5pm!

Get your tickets in advance! All sales must be made online. Follow us on social media for the latest info. Get your tickets ahora!


How did you first hear about Las Locas Comedy? Maybe a friend brought you along or you saw something online. If you’ve ever come to a Las Locas Comedy Show in the last SEVEN years, we would love you to give us a 5-star review on Google and/or Facebook. Spread the loca love and let others know what a fun time our show is! Click below and leave us a review. Thank you for getting loca with us!

Janice V Rodriguez


January 3rd, 2024: The nationally touring Teachers Gone Bad from Mind Twist Comedy performed for Chicago educators at Laugh Factory. Educators comedians perform across the country to bring laughter and entertainment to school staff. Comedians received a warm welcome and the event was a success, proving learning and laughter can go hand in hand.

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Janice V Rodriguez


The team behind Las Locas Comedy, Chicago’s only monthly Latina stand-up comedy show, is back with an expanded 2nd Annual Latina Comedy Festival from October 5th-7th, 2023, across multiple venues in Chicago. 

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Patricia S.
Patricia S.
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"Two friends and I went and laughed out loud the whole night."
Rosa J-H
Rosa J-H
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"I never laughed so hard, so whole-heartedly and soul-fillingly. As a 1/2 Mexican, 1/2 Puerto Rican woman, I felt at home with Las Locas and connected to each of their (hilarious) stories of growing up and living in Chicago. From sweet, to jaded, to raunchy, they all shared a piece of themselves and had the crowd laughing the night away. I can't wait to see them again. Next time, I'm taking my hubby, so he can understand what it means to feel Loca."
Andrea C
Andrea C
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"Loved the show so much! ... Definitely can’t wait to see more! Thank you for the laughs 💗🙌🏽"