Chingona Comedy Crossover Tour 2022

Chingona Comedy Crossover Tour 2022

It started with an instant message!  During the pandemic, we had an amazing opportunity to connect with Chingonas across the country! One day, comedian and producer Irma Ruiz from San Antonio sent us a message like “Hey, I have a Chingona Comedy show here. I love what you’re doing. Let’s connect.”

So we did! We’ve grown our relationship with her and locas across the country and we’ve been working towards THIS moment! 

We’re proud to introduce the Chingona Comedy Crossover Tour!  From Thursday, October 6th through Saturday, October 8th, we have three amazing shows (come to one or come to all!) featuring our favorite locas from TX, LA and of course Chicago!

Thursday 10/6/22 8pm at Laugh Factory

Friday 10/7/22 8pm at Fergie & Foz in Summit

Saturday 10/8/22 7pm at Simone’s in Pilsen

Chingona Comedy Crossover Tour Performers

Irma Ruiz is a former wannabe chola, turned school teacher, turned comedian. Although she’s been kicked out of every neighborhood group she’s joined and is banned from 5 Facebook Mom groups, you can still find her performing in comedy clubs, casinos & festivals in Texas and various locations throughout the nation. Her comedy covers motherhood, education, marriage, family and more. She is the producer of the Teachers Gone Bad Show and even though she doesn’t believe in tarot cards, she pretends to in her Tarot Card Comedy Show on VivaLiveTv. Her comedy is not to be missed!

Irma Ruiz

Monique Flores is a stand-up comic in bloom. Since age 7, Monique has called L.A. home, where as a young girl, she fantasized about someday being a stand-up comic. After graduating college Monique started a career in Real Estate. After the housing bubble popped in 2007, Monique decided to pursue her childhood dream and took comedy on full time. Now Monique entertains audiences all across California performing at comedy clubs like; The Ice House, Laugh Factory, Punch Line & Improv. Much of Monique’s humor is drawn from her family life, as well as her own daily experiences. Coming from a huge family, Monique characterizes many of them in her on-stage tales. Monique is both energetic and physical, crafting comical cracks and observations.

Monique Flores

Cuzin Berto is a San Antonio based stand-up comedian, writer, actor and content creator. His raw comedy talks about life and relationships from his unique point of view. Since first taking the stage 5 years ago, he’s entertained audiences in Texas, California, Nevada and Chicago. He’s the regular host of Chingona Comedy in San Antonio. His greatest passion is making people smile and laugh. Don’t miss this up and coming talent!

Cuzin Berto

Chona-E AKA Joanna Estrada is an actress/comedian from San Antonio Texas. She studied acting (stage and film) at The American Music and Dramatic Academy in NY and Los Angeles. Joanna has been practicing her craft for 21 years. She is best known for her music video parodies, however she also started doing standup and is killing it! She’s a mom and wife, often using her husband in her comedic content. You can see Joanna performing at live shows, meet and greets, across Texas. Follow her on TikTok today at @chonae210.

Chona E

Jess Martínez, who’s single, bilingual, and ready to mingle. Jess is a Chicago-based comedian who enjoys making audiences laugh as she genuinely tries to make sense of the world around her. She recently performed at the 2022 Latinx Theatre Commons Comedy Carnaval. Jess hit the stage for the first time in 2017, and graduated from both The Second City Training Center and Feminine Comique standup programs in 2018. She’s the associate producer at Las Locas Comedy, co-founder of the Latina Comedy Festival, and assistant producer at The Moth StorySLAM Chicago.

Jess MartÍnez

Janice V. Rodriguez, a Chicago-based entrepreneur and comedian, who’s also a founder and producer of Las Locas Comedy. Janice regularly performs at Chicago area comedy showcases and has been featured at comedy clubs Zanies, Improv, The Laugh Factory, Market Lounge (Valparaiso, IN) The Drop (South Bend), Comedy Vault, Comedy Bar (Dubuque), CG’s, LOL San Antonio, and Jackie Knights (St. Augustine, FL). In August 2022, she co-founded and produced the first Latina Comedy Festival. Janice aims to bring a fresh perspective to topics related to her culture, her Indiana upbringing, and her professional and personal lives. She’s also very tired.

Janice V. Rodriguez

Nana Rodriguez (10/07/22) is a Chicago based comedian, producer, and cannabis advocate. Her energetic, charismatic, in-your-face, animated story telling style will keep you laughing non stop. Through her production company Good Vibes Comedy, she keeps audiences laughing in places from bars to retirement homes across Southwest Chicagoland. She’s performed at showcases and clubs like Laugh Factory and Comedy Vault.

Nana Rodriguez

Joz Sida (10/08/22)  is a California born comic who brings to life her stories of family cultural Mexican upbringing. She’s the founder and producer of La Cabrona Comedy, a Latinx forward comedy showcase in Chicago. She considers her comedy start to be when in college, she learned to rap battle in Spanish. All jokes aside, Joz has been in politics for 17 years and she knew she needed to have some joy in her life by bringing laughter to others! She has performed all over the country from Pomona, CA to New Orleans. Most importantly she’s performed in Chicago at Pilsen Stand Up, Las Locas Comedy, Laugh Factory, and music festivals. She currently lives in Chicago and travels back and forth from Las Vegas. 

Joz Sida