Las Locas Comedy is a Chicago comedy showcase that highlights Latina/Latinx comedic talent and honorary ‘locas’ per show. In this crazy political climate, we wanted to create a platform to discuss issues and challenges facing Latinas, women of color, and the LGBTQIA community in a thought-provoking (and hilarious!) way.

The original conversation:

We celebrate diversity and inclusion and aim to create a safe space where our performers can share their amazing talents with an open-minded and accepting audience. Come see what Las Locas Comedy is about!

“Wouldn’t it be really cool if there was a showcase that really focused on Latina talent?”

“Yeah, that would be. We should do that. But we should also include our favorite locas whatever ethnicity or background.” 

“Ok. Let’s do it.”

Three months into our run, we were selected as “Must-See” and “Recommended” by Red Eye and the Chicago Reader. 

Lockdown With Las Locas Group Image

The ‘Rona is still raging and we don’t know when we’ll be able to see you again in person. In the meantime, check out our web interview series:


We stand behind Black Lives Matter and all other organizations working to break down the systemic racism and disinvestment in Black communities that have plagued this country. 


We’re still smiling from our amazingly hilarious Three Year Anniversary show! Our fans came out in the craziness of NBA All Star weekend! horrible weather! The room was over the top fuego 🔥 and it was an EXTRA loca night of comedy from your favorite Latina/Latinx comedians and our honorary #locas4life at Wynwood. A special thank you to our performers, guests and the DSTRKT staff for making the event extra special!

To all of our guests who have come to see our show again and brought someone new…or to our newcomers…we’re so happy to have you at the show! We couldn’t have done it without our LOCA performers. Please follow them on social media so you can see their next performance!

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